Catalyst Lab Solutions (CLS) provides customized in-office lab services, utilizing the most advanced LC-MS/MS technology, allowing for precise quantitative testing with the highest levels of control and compliance.

  1. Customized Lab Solutions

    CLS performs a thorough assessment of your medical group’s current practices and works with physicians and their staff to develop a comprehensive POL solution.

  2. Equipment & Staffing

    Catalyst Lab Solutions uses a complete quantitative laboratory system utilizing liquid
    ​chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS).

  3. Compliance & Oversight

    The CLS platform has been analyzed by multiple health care law firms and is fully
    ​compliant at the state and federal level (opinions available).

  4. Ongoing Operations

    Setting up and operating an LC-MS/MS POL requires technical expertise, an investment in staff, equipment, and compliance.

Our team of laboratory and healthcare professionals has identified pain management, internal medicine and other specialty physicians as ideal candidates for onsite physician office laboratories (POLs) and can lead the way in helping your practice personalize care and improve profitability.

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